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Water fills the seas, rivers, streams and lakes. It’s frozen in glaciers and in huge ice sheets at the Earth’s poles. It floats over our blue planet’s surface in clouds, mist and fog. It falls as rain, snow and hail. It lies hidden underground in cavernous reservoirs. It is constantly on the move.

Half of the world’s plants and animals live in water. The other half depend on it to live and grow. Without water, life as we know it would not exist at all. 

WATER WORLD explores our wonderful water world and why we should never take this amazing and precious substance for granted.


Softback | 56 pages | 250mm x 176mm

Water World

SKU: 9780956342966
  • “The impact of climate change, growing populations and increasing demand put huge pressure on our planet’s resources. After reading this beautiful book, children will understand a lot more about this amazing substance and how important it is for us to use water wisely, to ensure there is enough to go around both now and in the future.”
    Dr Margaret Griffin, Education consultant and former secondary head teacher

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