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Sometimes you hear them before you see them. You may even be scared of them. But the more you know about bees, the more you can appreciate these unique insects and how they provide us humans with much more than just honey!

TO BE A BEE is full of fascinating facts and insights into the amazing world of the honeybee, where nobody sleeps, everyone has a job to do and all work hard for the benefit of the community – a perfect society in miniature! 


Softback | 36 pages | 250mm x 176mm

To Be A Bee

SKU: 9780956342928
  • “Crammed with stunning images, and engagingly written, this is an alluring insight into the life of the humble honeybee. This really is the ‘bee’s knees’ of children’s bee books!” 
    Jane Moseley, General Secretary, British Beekeepers Association


    “This engaging and thoughtfully compiled look at the world of the humble honeybee presents masses of fascinating facts along with well-chosen photography, in a clear, appealing, and non-patronising way.” 
    Teach Primary Magazine, July 2012


    “The text is engaging, aimed at children of around 9+, and is ideal for topic work. The slim format belies the amount of information and production values contained; it is remarkable value for money, and would be a valuable addition to the insect section of any school library.”
    School Librarian Journal Winter 2012

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