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For over a thousand years, glass artists have ‘painted with light’, filling our cathedrals and churches with beautiful works of art. Stained glass windows represent a unique record of people’s beliefs and what was important to them. Canterbury Cathedral has some of the oldest and finest stained glass windows in the world and many of its windows are of international historical importance.

PAINTINGS IN LIGHT offers a fascinating insight into the history of glass, how stained glass windows are made, the different types of window in the cathedral and the amazing stories they tell. The book also highlights the work of Canterbury Cathedral’s Stained Glass Window Studio, which oversees the repair and preservation of the windows. 


Softback | 56 pages | 280mm x 210mm

Paintings in Light

SKU: 9780956342942
  • "Martyn has the gift of seeing things with fresh eyes – and to transmit that sense of discovery and excitement to the reader. The book is filled with unexpected details – sometimes funny, sometimes all too human, and sometimes downright gory - that make you want to get out those binoculars and go on your own journey of exploration through the stained glass.”
    Léonie Seliger, Canterbury Cathedral’s Director of Stained Glass

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