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If we didn’t have plants, we couldn’t survive on this planet. Plants give us oxygen to breathe, food for us and other living creatures to eat and colourful spaces to enjoy.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, but if you do, it’s important to look after it and create the right environment for all the creatures that live and work in it. They need each other... and you need them to help you create a great garden.

GARDEN SCIENCE is a young person's guide that explores the science behind a garden. If you understand that, you will be a better gardener!


Softback | 52 pages | 250mm x 176mm

Garden Science

SKU: 9780956342935
  • “Once again, Martyn has done a great job in turning a potentially dry subject into something that children can really engage with, learn about and, most of all, enjoy."
    Peter Scutt, Whitefriars Canterbury Centre Manager

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