© Martyn Barr

To Be A Bee front cover

Although targeted at 10-13 year olds, To Be A Bee has been designed to appeal to adult readers too!

The 36-page, 250mm x 176mm softback book is lavishly illustrated throughout with stunning close-up photographs of bees.

The book is not designed to be a guide for beekeepers, but rather to tell the story of these amazing creatures and the huge role they play in our food chain. It’s full of fascinating facts and insights into their world, where nobody sleeps, everyone has a job to do and all work hard for the benefit of the community – a perfect society in miniature!

The book describes the different types of honeybee and the roles they play in the colony. It explores life in the hive and the development cycle of its occupants. The book describes how bees communicate with each other and how they make honey from the nectar and pollen they collect. It looks at some of bees’ incredible skills, such as weather forecasting and bomb detection! There’s also information on why bees are endangered and what you can do to help.

At the end of the book are a series of recipes so you can enjoy the fruits of the bees’ labours... from honey muffins to lip balm!

Sample page spreads