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The Lost Generation

  • The Lost Generation
In the early years of the 20th century, a war between the nations of Europe seemed inevitable. When it eventually came in 1914, it was greeted with considerable enthusiasm. Military and political leaders thought that a short, sharp war would bring stability to world affairs. But the Great War of 1914–1918 lasted four long years and its outcome was in doubt even to the very end.

Nine out of ten soldiers survived, but for many, the physical and mental scars would never heal. This ‘Lost Generation’ had been forced to grow up quickly and confront ever more ingenious killing methods. After the war, many felt that ‘the flower of youth’ and ‘the best of the nation’ had been destroyed. For those that did survive, the world had changed forever.

THE LOST GENERATION is the story of the First World War, from its origins in a far-flung corner of Europe to its bloody and bitter conclusion, and written especially for today’s generation of young people.


Softback | 62 pages | 280mm x 210mm

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The Lost Generation